Regional Director’s Report July 2012

Hi there, July is a quiet month for meetings, with most of them in the last week of the month. But before we get to that …

Building permits were slow in June with two permits to build houses, one to move a house onto a lot, and four permits under the “other” category. The permit value for June was $770,687 and the total for 2012 at present is less than half of 2011value. If you’re thinking about building, now would be a good time as we can only rely on that work to boost the economy on Gabriola.

Wharf Road saw some improvements in late June. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure created a parking area by widening, grading, and resurfacing the first part of the road. That was followed by delineating the road edge with posts and reflectors to help with ongoing safety issues.

I am told the directional signs for the 707 acres park are ready, and we should be starting on the installation by the end of the month. I would like to thank Randy Young and his Gabriola Lands and Trails Trust work team for the help they are giving us on this project.

The South Road Park stairs are getting closer to being total rebuilt. Jonathan Lobb from the RDN and I meet with Cameron Murray of Topographics to review the design of the stairs. I was very pleased with what Cameron is proposing. I feel the design of the stairs is more site-orientated and will last for years to come.

From the stairs Jonathan and I met again at the Rollo McClay Park to look at upgrading the driveway and parking lot. This project is long overdue. The area is like driving on broken cobble stone and with the upgrade the need to park on the roadside outside the park will decrease. The concrete area around the field house got a good power washing on Wednesday, that real needed doing and it looks great.

We are doing a repair to the parking area at the north road gate into the 707 park, there are several big holes and a drainage issues. So we will be high and dry for next winter.

There is a clearing operation under way on the connecting trail to the whale bone parks, over time falling branches and trees have made using theses trails hard if not impossible.

At the last RDN meeting we approved setting aside 3000 dollars to be use in the electoral areas for things like Bear Smart workshops to advise residents on what they need to do to be bear smart.

I am trying one outside the box solution to a problem and it  seem to be working out. We have had a ongoing problem with recycle material (bottles and cans) at Malaspina Galleries. Well my solution was to put a recycle box there and have a local group pick it up and use it for charity work and so far it is working.

Just to keep in practice, the last week of this month we will cram six meetings into four days. I hope they close the blinds so I am not dreaming of being out there enjoying the great weather.

Two big events coming and not to be missed are: the official opening of the health clinic on Aug 5 at 1 pm., and the annual Salmon Barbecue at the Community Hall on Aug 11. Both events promise good weather, a fun time, a chance to meet more of your neighbours and build a stronger community.

Still having fun,
Howard Houle
Regional Director
Electoral Area B

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