Regional Director’s Report September 2012

Well things are picking up in the meeting department this month, as we are now playing catch-up after the summer rest. The City of Nanaimo Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Commission (NPRCC) met three times in September; these meetings are always lively and passionate. The topics at the NPRCC can range from revamping parks facilities to public art and provide a very wide range of opinions for a good healthy debate.

On September 22  People for a Healthy community (PHC) opened a new resource center at the Gabriola Professional Centre and as you could see from the front page of the newspapers all the elected officials came out to offer their support. This center will offer Gabriolans needed help in a number of areas. Drop by,  I hear they will make you a cup of tea or coffee in a flash and are good listeners.

The Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) met in Victoria this past week, the two motions that got the most attention were:

A5, the “decriminalization of marijuana” motion. This resolution got a lot of press. The motion was to call on the appropriate government to decriminalization marijuana and research the regulation and taxation of marijuana.

I think the prohibition of marijuana is a failed policy which has cost millions of dollars to enforce – to say nothing of the health and social cost. We need to try a new approach, and the taxation could be used to deal with addiction and health issues.

A8. The motion was to oppose projects that would lead to the expansion of oil tanker traffic through coastal waters and that government use legislative and administrative means to achieve that. The motion has more details in it but that’s the short version. The vote was close, and it seemed to be the coastal people carrying the vote.

There were close to 200 motions to debate, workshops on all sorts of things, meetings with cabinet ministers and the opposition as well. A great way to meet with other elected officials to discuss issues and areas of interest.

On the local front I would like to give a standing ovation award to Corporal Trevor MacKay for his efforts in raising over $600 for Gabriola Rescue of Wildlife Society (GROWLS). Job well done. Thank-you.

Well it’s time to sign off.

Still having fun,
Howard Houle
Regional Director
Area B RDN

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