Regional Director’s Report October 2012

autumn_leavesWell, so we met again. Lots of good things happened this month. There were several meetings of the Nanaimo Parks, Recreation, and Culture Commission (PRCC). The most interesting one was the community visioning workshop. Several Gabriolans took part in this exercise and we will be looking at the results in November.

As usual there were many board and committee meetings. There were two community events. The first one was a museum volunteer appreciation event and a dedication recognising the late Jack Sickavish for his work on the petroglyph display. The second was the official opening of the library. What a great facility! I am sure it will be well used, and I can only agree with the quote on the wall “Strong communities, Strong libraries”.

Local officials met with EMCON staff to discuss how, when, and why the roads will be maintained in the coming winter. The main roads and the ferry hill are the first priority. Brickyard Hill, Whalebone, and Ferne Road are all cleared after that. When they are able then they move into the subdivisions also depends on the time of day and weather conditions.

There were also talks about priorities in case of an emergency. That would include such things as clearing of roads to the reception areas at the Community Hall or the Rollo Centre and access to emergency supplies keep at the Rollo McClay Park.

autumncollageI also attended the National Marine Conservation Area workshop with Sheila Malcolmson, a number of Islands Trust trustees, Capital Regional District directors, and First Nations leaders. The workshop gave me a general overview of the conservation area and what that may mean to the people who live in the area. You will still be able to fish and go boating. The major change will be in enforcement, as the federal government will be able to deal with abandoned barges and boats as well as other forms of pollution.

Salish Sea, National Marine Conservation Area, Feasibility Study PDF

On the local front the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) agricultural plan is now done. You can download a copy of that from the RDN website.

Growing Our Future Together, Regional District of Nanaimo, Agricultural Area Plan PDF

We also have finished a handbook on rain water harvesting. It has 108 pages of diagrams and suggestions on how to build a system for your home. You can download that as well from the RDN website. I also put a copy at the Islands Trust office and at the library.

Rainwater Harvesting, Best Practices Guidebook PDF

British Columbia, Canada

The pond-liner and related work at Rollo McClay is underway. It got off to a slow start because the liner was damaged in shipping. The long-awaited South Road stairs are hopefully to be done by the end of December and the signs in the 707 park are all but done.

We have been promising that we would do at public consultation on water accesses for Mudge Island and that has finally made it to the top of the Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee (POSAC) list. In this consultation we will be able to look at recreational use, which can be acted upon by the POSAC. The transportation uses will go to the transportation department of the RDN for action.
Still having fun.
Howard Houle
Director area B

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