Perspectives Winter 2013 PROPOSED RDN BUDGET EDITION

Please find attached the latest issue of Perspectives: A REGIONAL DISTRICT OF NANAIMO PUBLICATION | WINTER 2012 (PDF file) PROPOSED RDN BUDGET EDITION 

Local governments in BC are required to prepare budget forecasts covering a five-year horizon. This newsletter provides an overview of the Regional District of Nanaimo’s 2013 proposed budget, the first year of the 2013-2017 financial plan. Operating costs, services, and projects in the budget reflect the RDN Board of Directors’ commitment to its 2013-2015 Board Strategic Plan, Working Together for a Resilient Future.
What’s Inside:
Strategic Plan Highlights – Budget Priorities
The Regional Federation
Strategic and Community Development
Transportation and Solid Waste
Regional and Community Utilities
Recreation and Parks
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