Regional Director’s Report March 2013

Well where to start hummmm. OK, there have been a few changes with Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation. These are all for the good, as they are moving to more of a governance board. Their tourism arm, Tourism Nanaimo, is working hard to help Gabriola business of all kinds to move forward in a slow economy.

The RDN Committee of the Whole meeting of February 26 caused some eyes to roll and stimulated debate on whether electromagnetic radiation is dangerous or not. The four motions that were passed are more about not having something forced on the community when there are still some health concerns about smart meters.

As you may have already read, the community bus proposal has had to climb a few more hills, but the road ahead looks good. If all falls into place that service could roll out in May, thanks to the hard work of Island Futures. It will be interesting to see the service up and running with Gabriolans supporting it. Have you heard? They are going to give the bus a Gabriola paint job that will be interesting. Humm, and just maybe fun.

The art for the new Services and Resources Centre building in Nanaimo was selected and will now go to city council for the final decision.

And what an interesting, timeless piece it is. It’s hard to describe: a blend of new and old materials and the ability to change slightly with the temperature in the room. You will have to see this one when it is installed.

Right behind the community bus we hope to roll out the taxi-saver program. That will take a bit of time to set up, so look for the notice around the end of May. This program will help people with disabilities and low-income seniors to buy taxi-saver coupons. These coupons may be purchased every three months for $30 and will get you $60 in taxi rides. This service will work well with the community bus, as taxi service is a door-to-door service.

The broom bash at Rollo McClay park went well, with the help of Gabriola lands and trail trust, members of the Gabriola slo-pitch league, Jeff Rietkerk of the Island Arborist, and the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN), which provided refreshments. It was great to get the broom under control before it spread more. Thanks again to the volunteers for all your hard work

The RDN meeting of March 12 was interesting. The area directors want to review the Rural Village Centre study and referred it to the electoral area planning committee. The problem there is the plan does not reflect what the communities want and there seem to be some issues with what a village center is.

The odour from the RDN composting plant at Duke Point run by International Composting Corporation also came up, including questions about whether the smell in the air is  Harmac or the composting plant. A notice-of-motion was made to allow staff time together material to be able to answer questions about the odour problem when the actual motion is moved at the March 26 board meeting. The motion was That staff be directed to engage a

consultant to review and evaluate the effectiveness of the odour management plan and associated odour control systems developed and implemented by International Composting Corporation (ICC) to achieve zero odour complaints, not only from neighbouring properties or users of the adjacent highway but also from residents of Areas ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’, as required under the RDN Waste Stream Management Bylaw No. 1386 and the Organic Waste Processing Agreement. “

Stay tuned.

Way back in May 2012 I made a motion to add muzzling of a dog that was declared dangerous when in public to bylaw 1066. That would be my first bylaw amendment and that also passed, I brought that forward after realizing that this would protect the dog as well as the public this would mean the updating of the whole by law on a regional bases.

And the stairs on the south road are not done but Stewart is working on them, say hi to him whenever you go by to check on the progress.

Still having fun.



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