Regional Director’s Report September 2013

autumncollageThe first meeting up this month was the cultural committee of Nanaimo Parks Recreation and Culture Commission (NPRCC).The arts community should look at the city of Nanaimo web site as there are two opportunities  to show your stuff.The public art request involves 4000 dollars for the art piece and after it has been on display for a year you get it back.

The RDN Transit Futures met with the RDN director to discuss a five year plan. We are fine for transit for now as GERTIE is doing a great job with over 3000 rides so far .When the pilot study( GERTIE is that )then we as a community will need to have a discussion on what is needed for transit and how it will be run and funded. There would be no property tax increase without a referendum.

At the RDN  board meeting of September 24 th this  motion passed : that staff be directed to complete an agreement with the Gabriola Island Recycling Organization to transfer $75,000 in Regionally Significant Project funding under the Gas Tax Transfer Program to fund capital work to improve recycling facilities for Electoral Area ‘B’ residents. The funding will allow GIRO to make much needed improvements at the  facilities

The agricultural advisory committee (AAC) for the RDN met and received a presentation form Sacha Angus the CEO of The Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation (NEDC).His talk center around a growing tourism area, Farm Tours. There is a growing demand from both the local and international tourist to see, smell and tour all kinds of farms, possible a income booster to the farmer .We are also implement the Agi plan it’s slow going but it is started and moving.

The RDN director’s reviewed the water budget report: Phase one Gabriola, DeCoury and Mudge islands. It’s a very good report with lots of maps and charts with more information than one can absorb at one time. It can be down loaded from the RDN website too.

The tour of area H the farthest area north on the Comox board was very interesting. We started off with the opening of the Henry Morgan Park in browser, and then toured the possible development in Deep Bay. The Vancouver Island University has a research station at deep bay which we tour; the research is all on shell fish growing and development.

Timber West gave a seminar on what they are planning for wind farms on Vancouver island .The T’Sou-ke First nation has signed a agreement with timber west to have a number of the wind turbines on their traditional territory .Wind power is interesting but what about the bird kill and the noise if you are living near one .

Yesterday I walked the possible trail along the north road with RDN staff to talk about the process of getting the design work and options done .There will need to be someone hired to do that work then when we known the possibilities we will be meeting with the community to see what you want with in what we can do.

Still having fun,

Howard  Houle
Regional District Director
Area B

water budgetA Water Budget uses simple accounting to compare how much water goes into and out of a system. When more water is taken out than is replenished, the system may experience stress. The Water Budget Project is divided into two main projects: the Gabriola, Mudge and DeCourcy Water Budget Project, and the RDN (Vancouver Island) Water Budget Project. These projects began in early 2012 and should be completed by the end of the year.

Note: Water Budget Public Info Session on Gabriola – Oct. 29

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