Regional Director’s Report August 2014

August is the slow month at the Nanaimo Regional District (RDN) it’s hard to have meetings when so many people are on vacation, and that is OK with me. First on my list was the De Courcy Island community pot luck lunch and the AGM this is always a nice way to get to know people. Then was the Mudge island fund raiser for the fire hall .Both great events, unfortunately we had a family emergence just before the events so I was unable to attend. Rumor has it they were just as much fun without me.

The Gabriola Community Hall Salmon Barbeque went well, raising funds for the halls insurance and maintenance. I volunteer very year and find it a great way to reconnect with people that have moved away or that you just have not seen in some time .I also noticed that a younger crowd is stepping up and replacing some of us the old timers, thank-you.

Gabriola Theater festival opening was fun, starting with the opening of the Holland stage. It was an honour to hear of all the accomplishments of Anthony Holland,a truly remarkable man. Anthony will receive his order of Canada metal in Ottawa late this month. Then we will see where Anthony goes from here I am sure he will be a pleasure to watch.

Then came the summer reading cub wrap up party at the library sponsored by Gabriola’s friends of the library.There were medals for achieving ,weekly prizes, and the jelly bean contest .All of this and the kerplunks but the funniest part for me was to see our old librarian Jason in a whale suite dancing away.

GERTIE’s year end report has been completed; it shows now the system has grown over the last year. .The bus has moved close to 15,000 passengers and made a big difference to a lot of people .We owe a big thank-you to all the volunteers; this would not happen without your support.

In the spring of 2015 the community, B.C transit, and the RDN will need to meet to see what kind of a bus system we what and are willing to pay for. GERTIE is a pilot study and will end in July 2016 so we have until then to work this out .I would like to assure people that the final decision on a bus system payed for by local taxes will go to a referendum.

The Village trail design has just gone to MOIT so we will lean if things needs adjusting then the final drawings will go out and maybe a start on construction in the spring of 2015.

The Huxley park master plan may be out in November that would give us enough time to include it in the 2015 budget .It has been a very long process to consulate with all the users, do the planning etc. but I believe we will be happy with the end results.

The taxi saver bylaw for low income seniors and people with disabilities is still creeping through the process and should be done by the end of the year or at least I hope so. I have learned to be patient but still keep pushing things forward; this one so far has taken two years.

The RDN has a new rebate program out; this is to help home owners with older septic system to upgrade. Go to www: for all the details.

The season of elections is about to start ,opening day is September 01. The nomination forms for RDN Director and the Islands Trust are now available at the RDN office, Island Trust forms are also at the trust office. Once nominations close on October 10th then it’s a six week run to the November 18th election day.

I have been asked several times if I will be running in the next election?

YES I will be running there are still some projects that are not finished and some that are still to be done .It has been a pleasure to serve all of electoral area B and I hope you will support me in by bid to continue as your RDN Director.

Still having fun,


Regional District Director,
Area B.

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