Regional Director’s Report January 2015

forest pathThis report will be a roundup of the RDN activities in the last few months on Gabriola.

The Descanso Bay emergency dock is in need of repairs, so we will be going to tender on that one in the next few days. The repairs should be completed in the spring.

Talking about docks the federal government is willing to divest itself of Green’s Landing (Green Wharf) and the RDN is looking at that. There have been issues in the past about Wharf Road, parking, safety, etc., and the RDN is waiting for confirmation that these issues have being resolved.

“Why would we take over this wharf?” is a question I was asked. If there is ever a mishap at the BC Ferry dock in Descanso bay we would need another way off the island. Mudge islanders also need this Warf to come and go from Mudge, and water taxi use is unrestricted there.

Parks: We are working on some upgrades to the Whalebone parks: brushing out the trails between the parks; bridge replacement; signs; well-decommissioning.

On the well decommissioning: we closed three of the five wells that were drilled in the early ‘70s.These wells were closed to protect the groundwater supply from possible contamination. They had no ground seals, no grouting, and no well caps which are all now required by provincial standards. The two remaining wells will be used to monitor tidal action as part of the groundwater study.
In the 707 Park we did some brush clearing for fire and rescue access.

In Coats’ Marsh the berm we built last year is working well and we are monitoring the beavers there. GALTT is working on a plan for signage at Cox Community Park that should be started soon; they also have a new trail in the park.

The Village trail took a small step forward this week, and how we need to meet with all the players and make sure we are all on the same page before we go to tender.

The costing for Huxley Park is coming along. A tot lot, skate board plaza with a flow track, and new sport court box and a tennis court make-over are some of the things on the list for development. In the 2015 budget we have set aside $30,000 to start the work and we are hoping the community will get on board with fund-raising and volunteer hours to help out.

The soft ball association has proposed a playground with one slide, and some swings for Rollo-McClay Park. An off-leash dog park proposed for the park. Both of these projects are waiting it the lineup to be approved by the parks planner who is very busy on the other projects. So we need to slow down a bit and let her catch up.

The Davison Bay parking lot on Mudge Island is about to go to tender and hopefully start soon.

That is about all for now.

Still having fun,


Please find attached the latest issue of Perspectives. This publication contains information about our proposed RDN budget and financial plan in a PDF file.
2015_Budget Perspectives_FINAL

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